Do we actually have a purpose?

I have been dwelling over this question since time immemorial and I don’t think I have any answer. Is the purpose of life to accumulate riches? Is the purpose of life to stay happy? Is the purpose of life to create lasting relationships? Is the purpose of life to be at the pinnacle of whatever one does? Is the purpose of life self Discovery? Is the purpose of life to fall in love? Is the purpose of life to help others? Is the purpose of life to win the battle of life? Is the purpose of life to live just a selfless life? Is the purpose of life hedonism? Sometimes I use to wonder do we actually have a purpose in life or it’s simply nothing.

As a devout Hindu, I have read the Mahabharata and the Ramayana several times seeking enlightment.Ramayana essentially is an idealistic story where you have a Ideal son, Ideal Brother, Ideal Father, Ideal Mother, Ideal Wife, Ideal masses and even a Ideal villain. It’s put together a story of conquest of good over evil. To put in lay man’s perspective, Ram’s purpose was to kill Ravana and free the mankind from the deeds of the demon. He wanted to bring back his wife sita who was kidnapped by the mighty Ravana.He had a purpose and was guided by the laws of Dharma.Similarly, Mahabharata is a story of Good over evil where the Pandavas slaughter the Kauravas for the unjust treatment meted out to them. These two epics tell a story with clear distinction to Good and evil. It clearly suggests life as a binary form that is either-Black or white, Right or wrong or simply put in Vedic sense Dharma or Adharma.Ram and Krishna are following the path of righteousness while Ravana and Kansa are evil.

We all have grown up watching Ekta Kapoor sops and Bollywood movies and in most of them there is a villain who is finally taken to the task by the Hero.Again, the purpose begins to win over the evil forces. From my limited understanding about life, there is nothing called Black or white but Grey, there is nothing called Right or wrong but partly right or partly wrong, and there is nothing called Dharma or Adharma because it is very difficult to comprehend the Vedas. I fail to understand that why is entire literature so focused on educating us about right or wrong while in true sense, I cannot find any evil person nor can someone doing probably say there are evil forces like the Terrorisst, Murderers, Rapists, thiefs and host of such other profiles. But here, I am talking about people like me who are not soldiers or policemen and have a common life. What should we people do? Do we not have a purpose in life? I am briefly talking about those people who are partially well off and have partially achieved something incredible. In my view, purpose is a fantasy propagated by self help authors and spiritual preachers who will tell you to do good without making you understand what is good?.They would give you a vague explanation about life and link it to the concept of karma and the cycle of birth and Rebirth. For instance, if someone dies a premature death, they would tell you that this happened because of his past deeds due to which he had to suffer his past sins in this birth.Dont you think its completely unfair?.These preachers have created a theory so that they can explain anything in this world.If something good happens, it’s because of my good works in my previous Births while if something bad happens, I must have created a lot of crimes in the previous birth. These preachers will not tell you anything about your purpose or the evil which you want to defeat in life. Ram’s task was cut down because he knew his purpose was to Restore Dharma but what about people like me who have no Ravanas to kill.Perhaps, there is actually no purpose in life. Perhaps there is no right or wrong. Perhaps the entire business of purpose is a hoax.Perhaps after all there is no purpose…

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